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Moiré’s “Let Down” Is A Brutal Yet Beautiful Dancefloor Jam

The London producer says it was inspired by Gaspar Noé and DJ Mehdi.

September 18, 2015

Moiré's productions are club jams for the twilight zone: that zoned-out, unsteady space between night and morning, where sinister drone meets the distant pulse of the dancefloor. "Let Down"—the opening track from his new EP Gel, set for release via R&S Records on October 9—is one of his his finest expressions yet of that hour. There's a gritty, gloomy finality to its slow march forward, and yet also a smattering of sickly sweet synth stabs that feel like the lingering euphoria of 5 a.m. "'Let Down''s inception is best described by the following two things that really inspired me," Moiré wrote in an email to The FADER. "Seeing Gaspar Noé—Enter the Void—was one of them. Opening titles are my favorite—the brutal masterpiece. The second one was seeing DJ Mehdi with Flying Lotus playing at the Ed Banger stage during [U.K. festival] Lovebox. Lotus' stage got shut down and [the] Ed guys invited him to play on their stage instead. Together they played amazing stuff—it was like a wall of sound. Brutality and beauty." Listen below.

Moiré’s “Let Down” Is A Brutal Yet Beautiful Dancefloor Jam