A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows

From Moschino to Eckhaus Latta, HBA to Givenchy.

September 18, 2015

Don't get what all the fuss is about? We broke down NYFW's 11 buzziest shows to ease your aesthetic digestion. From Moschino to Givenchy, Adam Selman to Eckhaus Latta, The FADER breakdown, below.

1. Adam Selman
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Brian Ach / Getty Images

The Vibe: Whimsical and feminine '90s babes that don't fuck with high heels.
The Look: Crisp white head-to-toe fits, interrupted by ditsy prints, distressed denim, and embroidered bell-bottoms.
The Hair: High, straight ponytails adorably secured by two bows.
The Make-Up: Perfect skin, glossy eyelids, the lightest touch of copper shadow.
The Front Row: Sky Ferreira, Kitty Cash.

2. Opening Ceremony
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Arun Nevader / Getty Images

The Vibe: Clothing you can dance in/fall over in/live in.
The Look: Muted hues like navy, khaki, and burnished orange interrupted by punches of throwback '80s detailing: oversized buttons, jumpsuits layered over blouses, drawstring hems.
The Hair: Loose and glossy waves regardless of length.
The Make-Up: Ultra minimal and clean, with just a kiss of orange blush high on the cheekbones.
The Front Row: Miguel, Tinashe, Laverne Cox, Kylie Jenner.

3. Alexander Wang
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows JP Yim / Getty Images

The Vibe: Luxe materials and intricate detailing that demonstrate Alexander Wang's post-Balenciaga re-commitment.
The Look: Leather, fringe, and mesh coalesce in a mishmash of influences from workwear to grunge to racecar drivers.
The Hair: Lanky and wild, with extra points for heavy bangs.
The Make-Up: Basically bare-faced, but service with a scowl.
The Front Row: Anna Wintour, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga.

4. Public School
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Fernanda Calfat / Getty Images

The Vibe: Going back to school in a sparkling new ensemble that's only a little against the rules.
The Look: Conservative—almost preppy—silhouettes with twisted tailoring: neon piping, sheer fabrics, volume in unexpected places.
The Hair: Gathered high up on the head into a long, immaculate twist ponytail.
The Make-Up: White liquid liner and defined cheekbones.
The Front Row: Hailey Baldwin, Justine Skye, Common.

5. Hood By Air
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Joe Kohen / Getty Images

The Vibe: Cutting up all the clothes your mom bought you and repurposing them to your own ends.
The Look: Immaculate deconstruction.
The Hair: Straightened with a clothing iron and parted on a zig zag.
The Make-Up: Your computer died five minutes into a hardcore contouring tutorial.
The Front Row: Lee Daniels, Lynn Yaeger, Anna Della Russo.

6. Moschino
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The Vibe: Dress like your mother during her alcohol and drug fueled Lower East Side club days.
The Look: Retro throwbacks in pastel colors pay homage to what was poppin' in the 60s and 80s.
The Hair: Hairspray galore, big teased hair as an ode to the mods.
The Make-up: Caked up powered faces, and bright pink lips.
The Front Row: Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, Tyga

7. Thom Browne
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Mireya Acierto / Getty Images

The Vibe: When your prep-school friends discovered Hot Topic for the first time.
The Look: English tailoring meets Japan on a collection of decorative schoolgirl outfits.
The Hair: Massive point up braids that'll really make you look like devil's advocate.
The Make-up: Charlie Chaplin on LSD.
The Front Row: Fern Mallis,

8. Givenchy
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Joshua Lott / Getty Images

The Vibe: In your face luxury that reminds the world just how amazing Riccardo Tisci design work is.
The Look: A play on masculinity vs femininity, the collection brought forth signature Tisci designs incorporating drapey yet tailored garments in lux combinations of fabrics.
The Hair: Straightened to the back, or short hair gave all the models a "no play, all business" look.
The Make-up: Very minimal, almost bareface minus the exception of some bold lipstick colours.
The Front Row: Kanye and Kim, Nicki Minaj, Victor Cruz

9. Rag & Bone
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

The Vibe: Your entire wardrobe looks better on your girl.
The Look: Sexy tomboys. Bomber jackets, oversized trousers, cargo pants all compose a collection that are the streets and office certified.
The Hair: Short and teased, giving off the IDGAF attitude that all women should have.
The Make-up: Incredibly subtle makeup, hard to tell if any was even applied.
The Front Row: Camille Rowe, Lil Buck.

10. Yeezy
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Randy Brooke / Getty Images

The Vibe: With the new Star Wars sequel coming out in a couple months, heres your closest chance to dressing like a young Luke Skywalker.
The Look: Militaristic fashion design meets Japanese workwear. Everything oversized, and over-dyed; a revamp of Season 1.
The Hair: The males of the Yeezy armada mostly had short hair, the women ponytails or just let their natural hair rock.
The Make-up: Nothing apparent.
The Front Row: Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci, and obviously baby North.

11. Eckhaus Latta
A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows Noam Galai / Getty Images

The Vibe: Your real artsy friend who went to Parsons finally made a collection, and its just as experimental as her drug choice.
The Look: Experimentation with different combinations of fabrics make for a collection full of tongue-in-cheek designs that only the bold dare to wear.
The Hair: Ladies wore their cheveux straight down, yet teased, giving a "I tried, but I really didn't" look.
The Make-up: Blushed rosy cheeks accompanied the models faces, but besides that, the make up was surprisingly toned down.
The Front Row: Alexandra Marzella, Grace Dunham.

A Beginner’s Guide To NYFW’s 11 Buzziest Shows