Pell Announces New Album, Teams With Dave Sitek For “Cafe Du Monde”

The animated New Orleans rapper pivots.

September 18, 2015

Following the success of last year's Floating While Dreaming, Pell is now moving swiftly towards the release of his label debut, LIMBO, out November 6. The project will be produced in large part by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek; and if this first cut, "Cafe Du Monde," is any indication, it will find the animated New Orleans rapper wading into new sonic territory.

"The music itself has such a strong, almost dark edge to it," Pell said, describing "Cafe Du Monde" to The FADER. "I tried to match it with a real story with some urgency, something that could feel gripping against an open track. I wanted it to be something that's complex lyrically, yet easy to sink your teeth into."


Speaking more generally to Sitek and new direction he's taken for this new album, Pell added: "Dave's sound is really distinctive, and I think it just enhances mine, because it challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone and approach things more creatively. If you're not growing, you're either standing still or you're slowly decaying. I want to be constantly growing, as a human, as well as an artist."

Listen to "Cafe Du Monde" below, then mark your calendars: Pell's LIMBO is out November 6 via Federal Prism records; pre-order now at

Pell Announces New Album, Teams With Dave Sitek For “Cafe Du Monde”