The Latest Issue Of Richardson Magazine Is Truly American

Blac Chyna graces the cover of the indie erotica mag.

September 18, 2015

Richardson Magazine's Chinatown storefront is easy to miss which, given the magazine/clothing line's mysterious ethos, only adds to the fun. Richardson is an art and culture publication that focuses almost entirely on portrayals of sex and sexuality. Since 1998, former Supreme creative director Andrew Richardson has pushed the boundaries of sex, philosophy and race by publishing work from some of the world's most forward-thinking, and sometimes most controversial artists.

The magazine isn't easy to come by, either. Richardson operates outside of the typical publication structure, choosing sparsely released issues and limited quantity runs over a more predictable publishing cadence. This isn't some promotional gimmick, though—issues of Richardson are thoughtful (and thought-provoking) pieces of work. The latest issue, dubbed "The America Issue," features a stunning portrait of model Blac Chyna shot by the photographer Steven Klein, as well as jarring art and photographs that stir up uncomfortable, important questions about race, sex, and beauty.


Richardson is also the company behind the Richardson Hardware tees you can find celebrities and socialites wearing around New York City. With designs that harken to workwear and military garb, it's no wonder the brand has become an identifier for a particular type of modern creative. As Andrew Richardson tells i-D, “Richardson clothes have a major military influence. It’s a uniform for the revolution. Really, all good street wear is a paramilitary uniform for a certain type of person, who wants to communicate that they’re in line with the philosophy of the brand."

With their 3rd full collection, Richardson has taken that collaborative and utilitarian identity to new heights. A denim jacket designed in collaboration with Olympia Le Tan and a wool sweater with Bella Freud are a few of the high-profile collabs featured this season. Copies of A8 will be available all weekend at the New York Art Book fair. Check out some shots from the magazine below and buy the new collection here.

The Latest Issue Of Richardson Magazine Is Truly American