Oneohtrix Point Never Shares G.O.D. Melodies As MIDI Files

“Fans may approach the MIDI as if it was a starting point for new work.”

September 22, 2015

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In a recent interview, Oneohtrix Point Never discussed the different approach he took when recording his new album. "I spent a lot of time writing at the piano with no kind of sound in mind," he said. "I so wanted the challenge of moving myself with these songs, to feel that they were worthy of other people. I just wanted them to be songs where if there was an MTV Unplugged version of OPN, I could get a band together and play these fuckin' songs... I would start with MIDI in the piano roll and basically get a very raw arrangement together with whatever instrument felt like a good writing tool at that moment."


Yesterday a video surfaced spliced together from snippets of "unreleased melodies from Garden Of Delete." The clip is attributed to the Russian producer iamkinfan, and the source material comes from MIDI files posted on Check out the clip below, and revisit the studio version of "I Bite Through It" for comparison. Look for Garden of Delete November 13.

Oneohtrix Point Never Shares G.O.D. Melodies As MIDI Files