Stream TM88’s Latest 88 Will Kill Bill Chop

The Atlanta producer drops a new movie mash-up and turns up at Fool’s Gold.

September 22, 2015

This August, Atlanta's TM88 premiered the first clip of his new audio/visual series, 88 Will Kill Bill, built on a siren sample that went from Quincy Jones' Ironside score to Tarantino's modern classic to Future's codeine nightmares. Vol 2 arrives today, the second of a series of tracks that will coalesce into a score for his reworking of Kill Bill imagery. TM's series is dope for trying something new with the trap template, dragging bigger cultural references and shape-shifting form into a production style that can be one-note, literally. But it's still a function first: check out footage of TM88's set at Fool's Golds Day Off concert in Atlanta for more antics.