Hear “Sweep The Floor,” An Icy New Wiley Instrumental From Logan Sama’s FABRICLIVE

A rare new production from the grime godfather.

September 22, 2015

Having made his name on Rinse and later Kiss FM, and come up alongside grime itself, Logan Sama is the guy who has the entire grime scene on speed-dial—and just in case you ever doubted it, the DJ has put his contact list to incredible use for his addition to the FABRICLIVE mix series. Rather than a straight-up DJ mix, Sama's FABRICLIVE 83 is a compilation of exclusive productions from the likes of Wiley, JME, and Jammer, with original acapella bars from a long list of MCs—including D Double E, Kano, Flowdan, Novelist, and more—arranged by Sama over the top. The result is a continuous, relentless flow that breathes with the same energy as any of the iconic live sets that pepper Sama's radio career, and have made grime what it is today.

One of the exclusive productions on display is "Sweep The Floor," a rare and super icy instrumental from grime godfather Wiley that opens the album with a menacing prowl. "When putting together this project for Fabric there was always one name that I wanted to get on there to give it the real grime stamp of authenticity; Wiley," Logan Sama told The FADER over email. "Wiley has been a lot less prolific in recent years with his production than in the past, so it was a real honour to be able to get a tune out of him as well as the intro to the CD. I think it sets the tone perfectly and when I told the MCs that there was a Wiley track on here a lot of them wanted to have their lyrics put on that track without even hearing it!"


Listen to "Sweep The Floor" below, scroll down to see the unbelievable FABRICLIVE 83 tracklist in full, and pre-order Logan Sama's huge compilation here.

FABRICLIVE 83 tracklist:

1 Wiley - Sweep The Floor [CTA]
+ Vocals by Wiley, P Money, Jendor & Despa

2 Footsie - Brake Light [Braindead Entertainment]
+ Vocals by D Double E, Footsie, Chronik & Diesle D Power


3 Rude Kid - fabric [Are You Ready]
+ Vocals by Rival, Ghetts, So Large & Rapid

4 Faze Miyake - Rifts [Woofer]
+ Vocals by Merky Ace, Shifman, MIK & TKO

+ Vocals by Ego, Cadell, Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rocks, Grim Sickers & Nasty Jack


6 Jme - The Return [Boy Better Know]
+ Vocals by Manga, Frisco, Novelist, Jammer & Diesle D Power

7 Swifta Beater - War Lord [unsigned]
+ Vocals by P Money, Jendor, D Double E, Ghetts & Kano

8 Sir Spyro - Farda [Dragon Punch]
+ Vocals by Footsie, Meridian Dan, Bossman Birdie, Milli Major & President T

9 Dullahbeatz - Final Stage [Dullahbeatz]
+ Vocals by Kano, Saf One, Mayhem , Deadly, PRessure, Bomma B, Tornado, Flowdan, Killa P, GodsGift, Cadell, Shifman & MIK

10 Jammer - Waterden Road [Earth616]
+ Vocals by Jammer, Discarda, Manga & Killa P

11 Rapid - 3rd Eye [Ruff Sqwad]
+ Vocals by Roachee, Stamina, So Large, Rival & Maxsta

12 Spooky - Cookie Monster [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Scrufizzer, Blacks, Kozzie, Mez, Snowy & J Dot

13 Terror Danjah & P Jam - Crud [Hardrive / Formula]
+ Vocals by Hitman Hyper, Jamakabi, Capo Lee & Jammz

14 Kahn & Neek - Bucktown [Bandulu]
+ Vocals by P Money, Jammer, Rocks, Saint, Nico Lindsay & AJ Tracey

15 Jammz - Contender [I Am Grime]
+ Vocals by Jammz, Row D, Capo Lee, Kwam, PK & Big Zuu

16 Mystry - Launchpad [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Saint, Hitman, Jaykae, Choppa, Grim Sickers, Merky Ace, Ego, Chronik & TKO

17 Trends - Ambush [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Jaykae, Bomma B, Tornado, Hitman, Trapz, Kwam & Spitz

18 Teeza - West London [Culture]
+ Vocals by AJ Tracey, Mez, Kyeza, Snowy & J Dot

19 Preditah - Crash Bandicoot [WOAH]
+ Vocals by D Double E, Discarda, Footsie, PRessure, Deadly, Saf One & Mayhem

20 Maniac - Do One You Mug [Earth616]
+ Vocals by Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rapid & GodsGift

21 Davinche - Kestra [Dirty Canvas]
+ Vocals by Jammz, Novelist, AJ Tracey, PK & Capo Lee

22 Teddy Music - Swear Down [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Bossman Birdie, Milli Major, Meridian Dan & President T

23 The Heavytrackerz - Santa's Last Christmas [The Heavytrackerz Ltd.]
+ Vocals by Discarda, Roachee, Stamina, MIK, Merky Ace, Shifman & Kozzie

24 Masro - Constructive Mayhem [unsigned]
+ Vocals by Diesle D Power, Novelist, PK, Kwam, Meridian Dan & President T

Hear “Sweep The Floor,” An Icy New Wiley Instrumental From Logan Sama’s FABRICLIVE