Watch Priscilla Sharp’s Ultra-Mesmerizing “Floored” Video

The Secret Songs artist explores the concept of “wrestling with yourself.”

September 24, 2015
Directed by Keith Musil

Priscilla Sharp's haunting single "Floored"—released by Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs label and featured in a recent edition of Songs You Need In Your Life—now has a stirring visual to match. The clip features a pair of identical twins wrestling with each other, their glossy skin illuminated by primary-colored neon lights. Images of their slow motion struggle fill in the space between the halting pauses of Sharp's fragile falsetto.


By blurring the line between violence and intimacy, Sharp evokes ideas of confronting your identity and sexuality. "I'm fascinated with the idea of wrestling and its erotic 'strength-versus-vulnerability' complexities," Priscilla Sharp told The FADER via email. "The video is about bringing an identity crisis of mine to life. It's about facing yourself in the mirror and having it out when your dominant qualities are at odds with one another."

Watch Priscilla Sharp’s Ultra-Mesmerizing “Floored” Video