D33J Announces New EP

Stream Low Limit’s “Slow” remix now.

September 25, 2015

Next week, D33J will put out the Gravel Remixed EP, which contains four reworkings of songs from his last release. "If Gravel were the shy emotional loner, these remixes would be the more outgoing energetic brother," the producer explained. "The dark self-reflective emotions still shine through, but with a vessel to bring it to a club atmosphere."

P. Morris, the Cyclist, Low Limit, and Purple each take a crack at a D33J track. “I wanted to go with friends of mine whose music I’ve respected and listened to for a while," D33J noted. "Picking this crew of people came naturally." Below, listen to Low Limit's version of "Slow." Revisit D33J's favorite spots to eat in mid-city.

D33J Announces New EP