How To Donate To Brooklyn Venue & Art Space Silent Barn

An apartment fire has left the multi-disciplinary collective in need.

September 27, 2015

Silent Barn is a Brooklyn-based art studio, music venue, and apartment building that has existed as a collective in New York City for a decade. After beginning in Queens, Silent Barn moved to Brooklyn in 2013 and last year it hosted over 400 art events that were open to the public. Silent Barn's DIY ethos and dedication to all-ages shows makes it a very rare part of the creative community in the New York area.


On September 25, Silent Barn sustained a fire on the third floor that destroyed the room where it began and caused damage to the main performance space. Luckily, none of the residents or showgoers were injured. The venue will be unable to host events in the main space until further notice, but Silent Barn is looking to maintain its daytime cafe hours and community programming. As a primarily volunteer-driven collective, Silent Barn is relying on donations to help keep the space afloat as the renovations begin.

Here's a link to the Paypal button on the Silent Barn webpage.

Even before the fire, Silent Barn has always operated on the generosity of donors and the time commitments of its volunteers. You can also help support by patronizing the space, stopping in to buy a coffee, etc.

How To Donate To Brooklyn Venue & Art Space Silent Barn