HBK’s CJ Taps IamSu! For “MSGD”

Haters ain’t blockin’ my vision.

September 28, 2015

Rapper CJ tags his HBK brother IamSu! for "MSGD," the first song off CJ's upcoming album. Produced by Mic Watts, it features a booming dance floor friendly beat and a surplus of confidence: haters ain't blockin' my vision, they rap, referencing the models that they've accrued.

"I chose this song to be first off my album because of the new sound it has," CJ told The FADER over email. "Me and Su, together, are usually expected to make music more for your conscious, but Mic Watts brought it to the club with the production."

HBK’s CJ Taps IamSu! For “MSGD”