This London R&B Artist’s Debut Video Makes Ski Masks Stylish

With “IVRY,” Miles From Kinshasa shows he knows how to make an entrance.

September 28, 2015

Miles From Kinshasa was, as his moniker suggests, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but he grew up in south London; and to make things even more global, his debut video "IVRY" was inspired by childhood trips to Paris. As well as producing and singing the jagged synth-R&B tune himself, Miles conceived of and directed the video, where he dances menacingly towards you in a balaclava for the length of the track.


"It's a homage to an area in the suburbs of Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine) where I spent a lot of my childhood/adolescent holidays seeing that same youthful frustration, searching and lack of direction displayed in the movie La Haine," Miles explained to The FADER over email. "Imagine a blend of Hubert, Vinz and Sayid [La Haine characters] in one person...that's who the character in the video is. Seeking a higher power who urges him to wait and that everything will be fine, but the sociopath, wide-eyed naivety in him and his self-awareness won't allow him to, so he's coming to take what he feels he deserves—with no remorse (balaclava), but he's coming to do it in style (dancing)."

This London R&B Artist’s Debut Video Makes Ski Masks Stylish