Southside Aka Young Sizzle Tries On “Kanye” For Size

The legendary ATL producer takes the mic.

September 28, 2015

Atlanta's Southside may be best known for the work he's done behind the boards (with Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and more), particularly for helming Future's game changing 56 Nights mixtape. But the prolific producer has ambitions on the mic, too. Young Sizzle—his rap moniker—has a mixtape on the way, which will include this brand new song, "Kanye West." Co-produced by Southside/Sizzle and DJ Spinz, it's a hard knocking pronouncement and includes at least one clever crack: I might have a new baby name it South West.


"Kanye achieved a lot when people said he couldn't," Sizzle told The FADER. "I feel like in this game all you hear is 'you can’t.’ Well, I will."

Southside Aka Young Sizzle Tries On “Kanye” For Size