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Jeezy Amps Up Bankroll Fresh’s “Walked In”

The Atlanta streets aren’t ready.

September 29, 2015

Bankroll Fresh's "Walked In" has been simmering since it first dropped last spring, but it's about to hit full-boil with the release of the first official remix featuring a mean new verse from Atlanta elder-statesman Jeezy. The production is minimal—a simple piano line, some 808 drum claps—which is all the better for Bankroll Fresh, Jeezy, Travis Porter, and Street Money Boochie to flex as they are wont to do. For example, when Jeezy boasts: I walk like a trapper, I talk like a trapper, bitch I started this shit so you know I'm a factor. Which, well, is true!

Jeezy Amps Up Bankroll Fresh’s “Walked In”