Dive Into The Unknown With Jolympix’s “At The Shore”

A promising second single from the Gothenburg foursome.

September 29, 2015

Jolympix opens "At The Shore" with a blunt command: Don't tell me where to go. The song moves forward in fits and starts, refusing to commit any more than it wants to. Sometimes long waves of held vocals sweep in gently to nudge the whole track along.

In an email, the band suggested that "At The Shore" was inspired by "an old french spider woman." "[She] describes life as drawing two dots and choosing the path of the line connecting them," the group wrote. "You can start and stop, and between the two dots you can choose whatever direction you see fit—go left, right or dive into the unknown. The song is an expression of this idea. It started as a ballad, but was quickly doused in a cozy afro beat, finally ending up where it is now, somewhere between the two dots." Listen below.

Dive Into The Unknown With Jolympix’s “At The Shore”