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Kyan’s “Grammar” Is A Soulful Rallying Cry

The U.K. singer is here with a stealth anthem to get you through hump day.

September 30, 2015

Cambridge singer-songwriter Kyan's latest single "Grammar" starts out as pretty unassuming with its guitar twangs and lyrics about two white doves, but don't let that fool you. By the time his horn-assisted and low-voiced chorus hits, it sinks in that this is an anthem designed to get you all fired up and ready to rile against anything that makes you feel confined. "Grammar is a song inspired by the quote Man is born free, yet everywhere else is in chains," Kyan told The FADER. "I used 'grammar' in both a literal sense, with regard to language being suffocating when it comes to expressing real emotion, and in a figurative sense relating to what's perceived as beauty or success. Essentially, it's about leaving all of that behind." Virgin/EMI will release the Remote View EP on October 9; pre-order it here.

Kyan’s “Grammar” Is A Soulful Rallying Cry