Kill J Wants You To Know: “You’re Good But I’m Better”

The Danish DIY pop star bosses up.

October 02, 2015

Crushes are so called because they can be crushing, right? Danish pop artist Kill J knows as much, and—following up "Phoenix," the electro-pop single she made her name with in late 2013, and the recent stormer "Propaganda"—she's written the perfect anthem for those days when your unrequited yearning is driving you a little bit psycho in "You're Good But But I'm Better."

Swinging between the sinister snarl of Now do I have your motherfucking attention? to the titular affirmation she shouts on the chorus, it's deliciously dramatic electronic pop that falls somewhere between a self-destructive swan song and a self-esteem boosting cheer. As Kill J explained in an email to The FADER, "'You're Good But I'm Better' is about the crush that went stale and toxic. About the bitter cocktail made up of sexual frustration, feeling invisible, lovesickness and alcohol." Drown your sorrows with her via the player below, and if you're in London, catch Kill J live for Nordic club night Ja Ja Ja on October 29.


Copenhagen-based label No3 will release "You're Good But I'm Better" on October 16.

Kill J Wants You To Know: “You’re Good But I’m Better”