Stream AudioOpera’s The Runaway Prince LP

It’s whimsical and bursting with color.

October 08, 2015

AudioOpera—aka Graeme Barrett the Canadian producer—has shared with The FADER an exclusive preview of his album The Runway Prince, which will be widely available next week. It's a whimsical project, laced with playful melodies and consumed with moments of ecstasy followed by doubt. Or as Barrett described it in an email to The FADER: "The album floats between stale melancholy life, to moments of uplifting release. The Runaway Prince was a growing experience in both process and sound. Melody became more of a focus, and associative music was the guiding hand.”

The Runaway Prince will be available for stream and free download on October 16th via Nick Koenig aka Hot Sugar's Noise Collector Records.

Stream AudioOpera’s The Runaway Prince LP