Listen To Gun Outfit’s Gorgeous New Album In Its Entirety

Stream the L.A. rock band’s meandering Dream All Over a week early.

October 09, 2015

Over the summer, I had a nice chat with Carrie Keith, a singer and guitarist from Olympia-bred, Los Angeles-based band Gun Outfit. We spoke about sunny California, her schemes and dreams surrounding an in-the-works, feature-length Western, and the vaguely transcendental lyrics on the free-wheeling opening jam from her band's new full-length, Dream All Over. Today, we're very happy to premiere that whole record in all its harmony-rich, slow-building, guitar-rock glory. It's easy to get psychically lost in these songs: some are jaunty, some are more menacing, but they're all perfectly designed for some long, Vanishing Point-esque car ride to nowhere along a clay-colored, distinctly American stretch of highway.

"Dream All Over is about staying close to the action," Keith told FADER over email. "At least that was my idea, but we've played it a couple times for our friends and they literally fall asleep listening—in dreams by the time it's over. There's a groove, and we made it with a lot of help from our friends." The full-length officially drops October 16th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Stream Gun Outfit's Dream All Over:
Listen To Gun Outfit’s Gorgeous New Album In Its Entirety