Jonah Cruzz Battles Addictions In “Diana” Video

Cruzz Controll coming soon.

October 13, 2015

Atlanta rapper Jonah Cruzz is preparing to ride the wave of his debut mixtape, 2014's Ordinari Nigga, into a splashier sophomore release, an EP titled Cruzz Controll. The first visual to be revealed off the project is for the early single "Diana," a sharply spit meditation on the sins that grip us. It's broken up by an aching and narcotized hook: Oh Diana, oh Diana, Diana, Diana. The blue-lit video catches Cruzz under the influence of several such transgressions—TV, women, drugs—because, as he explained in an email to The FADER, "anything can be an addiction."


"It's a matter of letting it control your daily life, or not," he added.

Watch the video for "Diana" above and keep your eyes peeled for Cruzz Controll.

Jonah Cruzz Battles Addictions In “Diana” Video