Nicki Minaj On Her “The Hills” Remix: “That Verse Is A True Story”

The star tweeted about her recent collaboration with the Weeknd.

October 13, 2015

On iTunes @ midnight. "The Hills" RMX 🎀 @abelxo dress by #Balmain Boot by Alexander McQueen

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The Weeknd attempted to give an extra boost to his number one hit "The Hills" recently by releasing two remixes, one with Eminem and one with Nicki Minaj. The Nicki version includes the strange-but-memorable line, You the President and I'm Biden, just slide in cause you safe. "The Hills" managed to maintain its position at the top of the latest Hot 100, though Drake's "Hotline Bling" moved threateningly into second place.


Nicki Minaj shared some information about her remix today on Twitter. Apparently Nicki put her verse together "in an hour" because she was told that the vocal was required "that night." "I recorded a singing verse to it as well," she added. "Remember that time I showed up w/just panties under my coat? The beauty of that verse is that it's a true story." See her tweets below, and revisit her SNL performance of the track.

Nicki Minaj On Her “The Hills” Remix: “That Verse Is A True Story”