Swedish Producer Toxe Breaks Down Walls With “Determina”

Her club drums hit hard; her claustrophobic visuals hit even harder.

October 13, 2015

Ever get the feeling that the walls are closing in on you? Gothenburg-based uncompromising club producer Toxe—real name Tove Agélii—clearly knows it all too well. The 18-year-old's latest track "Determina" matches slippery textures with menacingly sparse, creeping percussion to give you that claustrophobic panic attack vibe; and so of course, it makes perfect sense that her self-made visuals for the track take you deep inside the bowels of a cave.


As Toxe explained over email to The FADER, the cave is about more than physical restriction: "It’s about having the courage to put yourself in an unknown situation where you're 'not supposed to be.' The cave becomes not only a cave but your own body, which you need to explore and understand. You have to squeeze, fight and push to get through the obstacles and be determined to reach your goal, but also be brave enough to face everything that you’ll encounter on the inside. Make your way through the 1000-year-old constructed walls that separate you from your goal; not only the physical ones, but also the ones built within. Take risks, dare to be uncomfortable, and make others uncomfortable in order to change those norms—norms as old as the cave itself."

Stockholm-based label Staycore will release Toxe's debut EP Muscle Memory this Friday, October 16, before she heads to to participate in this year's Red Bull Music Academy.

Swedish Producer Toxe Breaks Down Walls With “Determina”