This Limited Edition FADER 100 G Pen Collab Is Lit

Cop the sleek vape in celebration of The FADER’s 100th issue.

October 14, 2015

The FADER and G Pen are stoked to announce our collaboration in honor of The FADER's 100th issue. We teamed up with the vaping company to design the sick packaging, which looks like an edgy lil' magazine and will make all your friends jealous. Both FADER and G Pen stay "defining what's next," so you know that this sleek vape is the thing to have.

We spoke with G Pen owner Chris Folkerts about why he was excited to work with The FADER. "Everyone on our team comes from the music industry," Folkerts told The FADER over e-mail. "We are all incredibly passionate about various genres and facets of music and live music culture. We find that music is actually the subject most often associated with our target demographics’ lifestyle. Nothing compliments a vape session better than great music."


Folkerts also gave us some special insight into what it's like to proudly possess this discreet, crucial gadget. He said that the craziest place he ever used a G Pen was in the back of a police car at the Jersey Shore. "My good friend has a police chief in the family," he said. "And he had his officers escorting us from bar to bar in their patrol cars, where my friend and I indulged in the back seat without their knowledge." Heh, so, when you cop your F100 G Slim you'll for sure be making your very own special memories. Very special indeed, because, as Folkerts said, "some of the best, wildest G Pen moments that have happened over the years probably shouldn't be spoken of in print."

But Folkerts also added that getting into wacky situations isn't the only thing that the G Pen is about: "Although it's amazing to get support from influencers and celebrities, beyond that, our most rewarding advocates are the medical patients who tell us that owning a G Pen changed their life for the better." And when we asked him who his ultimate vaping buddy would be, he answered "Barack Obama, of course." Same. It's entirely possible that FADER and G Pen will conquer the world, so vaping with POTUS doesn't seem like such a pipe dream, TBH.

Hop on over to the G Pen site to snag one of these limited edition FADER 100 G Slims (equipped with ground material, concentrate, and hookah tanks), which comes with a copy of FADER 100, before the supply is tapped out. It's LIT.

This Limited Edition FADER 100 G Pen Collab Is Lit