Prayer’s “Hope” Is The Epic Soundtrack To An Imaginary Blockbuster

Juke goes cinematic, and the effects are overwhelming.

October 15, 2015

Take a deep breath. Any Prayer production is something you need to brace yourself for—usually because it's of the immersive, engulfing ambient film score variety—but "Hope" might be his most epic yet. I mean "epic" not in a Reddit bro way, but "epic" in the true, "heroic or grand in scale" sense of the word. The first track to be revealed from the London-based, Midlands-born producer's Beneath EP is a masterful weaving together of juke drums, wordless trails of R&B vocal, and skull-rattling bass that spans six overwhelming minutes. "'Hope' is an embodiment of my continued exploration of combining cinematic structures with dance music," Prayer told The FADER via email. "It's an intense meeting of these two sound worlds, darker than I’ve previously covered." If this track was a movie, it would have loads of car chases and dance battles, as well as a bit of romance, and everyone would probably die at the end. Listen below.

Prayer will release Beneath on November 2 via his Grade 10 vinyl imprint.

Prayer’s “Hope” Is The Epic Soundtrack To An Imaginary Blockbuster