Alice Olivia Premieres An Icy Pop Morsel, “Lovers”

Hear the first single off the UK singer’s upcoming debut, Wanderlands EP.

October 19, 2015

Like Banks and Halsey and Weeknd, the UK's Alice Olivia is from the camp of saturnine singers that seem to be so prevalent in pop music at the moment. "'Lovers'," the first single off her forthcoming debut EP Wanderlands, is a creeping, icy, and bewitching meditation on the darker side of cuffing season.

"Lovers," Olivia told The FADER is "about watching someone you love remain in a destructive, poisonous relationship and helplessly watching from a distance." Butterfly I know your wings aren't broken, she sings, But all the words you use, you have already spoken. Listen below.

Alice Olivia Premieres An Icy Pop Morsel, “Lovers”