Alessia Cara Annotated Her Lyrics For Genius

The singer explains her breakout hit, “Here.”

October 20, 2015

Alessia Cara is the latest artist to stop by Genius and explain the origin of her some of her song lyrics. She apparently wrote "I'm Yours" "on the curb outside behind a garbage can." For "Outlaws," she drew inspiration from both Amy Winehouse and Bonnie & Clyde.


What about "Here," the track about a terrible party that launched Cara into orbit? "The party was at my friend Stefano's house," she explains. "Shout out to Stefano—he knows it's about him. He's happy it's about him and that he created this thing for me. But he's also offended. He was like, 'Come on, my parties aren't that bad.' But I told him that it's not that the party was bad, I was just uncomfortable and in a weird headspace."

Read the rest of the annotations, and watch a video about "Here" above.

Alessia Cara Annotated Her Lyrics For Genius