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Shop This ‘90s Nostalgia-Heavy Tommy Hilfiger Capsule

A collaboration between Tommy and throws it back to the golden era.

October 22, 2015

With vintage Tommy fetching sky high prices on eBay, A$AP Rocky wearing Tommy-inspired Gosha Rubchinskiy at the VMAs, and general nostalgia for the era when Aaliyah was a Tommy brand ambassador at an all time high, it's a wonder this didn't come sooner. "This" is of course a capsule collection that hearkens back to the golden year of 1997, eight pieces for sale on created in collaboration with none other than Tommy Hilfiger himself. There's satin boxer shorts, cropped sweaters emblazoned with the flag, and a satin Varsity bomber jacket. The prices are steep, but if money can buy you the opportunity to wear a red-and-white tube top emblazoned with Hilfiger's signature in 2015, then that's money well spent. Shop the whole capsule now at

Shop This ‘90s Nostalgia-Heavy Tommy Hilfiger Capsule