Here’s The Story Behind The Amazing Walk-Up Song Yoenis Cespedes Is Taking To The World Series

The Mets star’s custom walk-up intro was recorded by New York artist Fina, and a full version is coming soon.

October 22, 2015
Yoenis Cespedes, the star outfielder from this year's incredible New York Mets, has his own sneakily hot song for when he walks up to bat.

Ready to go for the game #5

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Cespedes is a client of Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports agency, so this isn't entirely surprising. The song, which features Cespedes' name being cooed, can be heard on the Mets' Tumblr.

The song was recorded by Josefina Sola, a New York-based artist who is originally from the Dominican Republic, and is now a friend of Cespedes. She performs under the alias Fina.
Recently, Fina shared a video of the song on her YouTube channel.

The FADER got in touch with Fina over email, who told us that she's a huge Mets fan and that the snippet Cespedes uses in the stadium is being made into a full song, which will be called "The Power."

Fina's full song will be put up for sale online soon, just in time for the Mets' World Series run. Below, some information about her friendship with Cespedes and her plans for the song.


How did you get to know Yoenis?

I was honored to sing our National Anthem at Citi Field for the New York Mets in August. I met so many celebrities that day, and I met with Cespedes in passing who gave me the opportunity to write his walk up song. The next day I went to the studio and worked on the song and sent it to him and he said he loved it. During the home game for the NLDS they played the song. It was a huge surprise! I felt blessed for the opportunity to help such a inspirational player.

How did it feel to have your played song in the stadium?


I actually was at home watching the game supporting my home team and Cespedes was coming up to bat and the song came on! I lost my mind, it was kind of surreal to me, but again, I felt blessed for the opportunity!

Tell me about the song and when will it come out

I am currently working on finishing the song. The original song I made was just a 20-second intro song for Cespedes to walk up to. So many fans reached out on the Mets Twitter and Tumblr wanting to know how can they download the song. The name of the song is "The Power" and it will be available October 27th [the same day as the first World Series game]. There will be some special giveaways for all of my fans, just follow @Finamusiq or Finamusiq for details.

Here’s The Story Behind The Amazing Walk-Up Song Yoenis Cespedes Is Taking To The World Series