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Kano Freestyles And Facetimes In “Garage Skank” Video

Grime’s original poster boy goes global.

October 24, 2015

Any spotlight on grime isn't complete without a contribution from Kano - just watch his legendary Lord Of The Mics clash with Wiley, or just listen to "P's and Q's" if you're short on time. "Garage Skank" has Kano spitting on his own after some fire with Skepta, but this new freestyle, and its video, are a lot more light-hearted. Kano still comes for his spot as a heavyweight of the genre - "who brought metaphors in this grime shit?!" he raps - while keeping things punchy enough for fans and friends across the world to film themselves singing along.

Kano Freestyles And Facetimes In “Garage Skank” Video