Meet Parris Goebel, The YouTuber Who Made Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Video In Two Days

The 23-year-old dance phenom from New Zealand killed it in record time.

October 26, 2015
This is Parris Goebel, a 23-year-old choreographer from New Zealand.


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She's well known on YouTube for killing choreo of popular songs with her all-girl crew, ReQuest.
She and some members of ReQuest, as well as a few dancers from the larger umbrella crew The Royal Family, recently appeared in the dance video for Justin Bieber's "Sorry."
Goebel, who has choreographed for Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, actually choreographed the video and directed it as well.

The FADER spoke to Goebel on the phone, while she was on break from dance rehearsal in Los Angeles. She said that she received a call from Bieber's management asking if she would want to create a lyric video for his new single that had to be ready in a week. "I was so surprised, I never thought I would work with him," she said.

Goebel quickly called upon ReQuest to appear in the video with her and said the girls were all "completely freaking out" about the project. On why only women appear in the video, she said: "I wanna see girls do their thing if he's not gonna be in it. I thought it would be strong statement to have all girls dancing to the song." Goebel choreographed the video overnight and then shot it the next day in a few hours—a tight shoot schedule that Goebel says is "very normal" for her.

Once Bieber's management saw Goebel's cut of the video, she explained, they decided that putting lyrics on the white background would distract from the choreography too much and decided to just make it a dance video instead. Goebel said that she loved working on something for him because just like her, Bieber was once "a YouTuber on a similar journey."

Meet Parris Goebel, The YouTuber Who Made Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Video In Two Days