Watch MobSquad Nard’s Gritty Video For “Jungle”

Its shows the hustle of his hood in Jacksonville, Florida.

October 27, 2015

It's nothing but guns and grills in MobSquad Nard’s video for “Jungle.” The Jacksonville rapper gives us an intimate look into his hood. Against a heavy beat, Nard raps Got a dirty pistol with a lot of rounds/ Pop through the city /Wrung them by the pound. The video’s images of guns being waved, stick-thin drug addicts, and gaudy pimped out SUVs mirror the Jacksonville way of life that Nard preaches on the track. As 1200 Yak sings on the hook, its goes down in that Jungle—aka Duval County, from where MobSquad Nard hail. However, the message applies beyond their county's borders.


“That jungle is 1212 1st Street, Eastside Gardens, but it could be anywhere in the city or world that apply to the lyrics, it's jungles all over dis mu'fucka,” said MobSquad Nard in an email to The FADER. “The song is basically a statement. Dis my first solo album, you must know its not a game."

MobSquad Nard's mixtape Everything Clean But Da Ashtray is set to be released next spring; check out the cover for that below.

Watch MobSquad Nard’s Gritty Video For “Jungle”