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10 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

October 28, 2015

1. Uptempo and candy-coated, "Flesh Without Blood," might be Grimes' most straight-up radio-ready song to date. But we're already bored of the "Grimes goes pop" narrative; anyone paying attention knows she's been subversively operating in that universe all along.

2. Justin Bieber's impossibly catchy "Sorry" is so good that it makes us forget about all the way-too-bright Forever 21-esque outfits in the official "dance video."


3. On “Hello,” Adele’s first new song in four years, the British singer-songwriter is still Adele-ing—the track is all soaring vocals, swelling piano, and self-reflective regret. Grab a tissue.

4. Over 8 minutes, "Mutant Standard,"—the heart-pounding second leak from Oneohtrix Point Never's new full-length—leads us a tiny bit further into the electronic composer's unearthly Garden of Delete.


5. Jayaire Woods' voice hits you in the gut, and on dark-horse anthem "2SHOES," that voice reminds us that no matter how down you've been, there’s always tomorrow.

6. It feels like there are a million different flows on Drew Howard and Birthday Boy's boasty "They Love Me," and every single one of them is worth having stuck in your brain for a day or five.

7. The intro to Mizan's song "Looking For" is bare-boned and super mischievous, but once the track hits its groovy stride, we start wishing we were driving around late-night, on a loopy road with no beginning or end.


8. Until we heard the fastball delivery on Chance The Rapper's hometown-repping, church choir-backed, Saba-featuring "Angels"—Chance's first new solo song in a minute—we didn't realize how much we actually missed him.

9. "Sandra's Smile," the silky track that Blood Orange crafted as a tribute to Sandra Bland, is heartbreaking. The New York-centric, black-and-white music video he dropped with it feels somber but celebratory; a decidedly old-school reminder that we're all in this together.

10. "Power," a preliminary standout from French Montana and Fetty Wap's joint Coke Zoo release, finds French stepping into Fetty's weirdo-pop lane a little bit, and the crossover makes for solid, messy mixtape fun.

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10 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week