Adele’s 25 Might Set A New First Week Sales Record

Billboard says one million copie” is "a “ock."

October 29, 2015


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According to Billboard, Adele’s new album is expected to sell between 1.3 and 1.8 million copies in its first week. If she passes 1.32 million, she will hold the record for biggest debut sales week by a female singer in the Neilsen Soundscan era, which Britney Spears set back in 2000. Taylor Swift came close last year when she sold 1.29 million copies of 1989 the week of release.


Adele has a lot of superfans, but few are more vehement than the people involved in music sales. One “music merchandiser” tells Billboard, "Will Adele hit 1 million? A more realistic question is will it hit 2 million?" A somewhat more restrained source points out that the label started the promotional campaign a little late, noting "It's going to be tight to get everything in place.”

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Adele’s 25 Might Set A New First Week Sales Record