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9 Things We Learned About Gosha Rubchinskiy From His First Video Interview

The enigmatic designer discusses his upbringing, his passions, and his influences.

October 29, 2015

If you haven't already heard his name or seen his clothes worn by everybody from Kylie Jenner to A$AP Rocky, then meet the Russian fashion designer who is bound to be a household name soon, Gosha Rubchinskiy. The highly acclaimed designer who still works behind a shroud of mystery sits down with SHOWstudio's Lou Stoppard for his first-ever video interview and maybe the most revealing. In just over 50 minutes, Gosha goes talks about his childhood, how he got his start in the fashion industry, his inspirations behind the clothing, his struggles as a designer in Moscow, as well as his plans outside the realm of fashion. He reveals that while he was always interested in fashion, it wasn't until a friend invested in him to do a runway show that the designer then started to take it more serious. He also discusses his plans as a filmmaker as well as a photographer, and how he also got casted in the Vetements runway show. The interview is certainly the enigmatic Rubchinskiy's most revealing and insightful. Watch it above and check out the ten things we learned about Gosha.

1. He tried his hand at a lot of things before deciding fashion was his true calling—including costume design and writing
2. The initial money Rubchinskiy needed to fund his first fashion studio was fronted to him by his close friend, who was also the owner of a famous Moscow nightclub

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3. He hates being labeled as a “fashion designer”, says that he is not just creating fashion but alongside his photography and other creative works, he is “creating a world”
4. Gosha walked in Vetements' monumental Spring 2016 runway show after a couple glasses of wine with Demna Gvasalia, the newly appointed creative director of Balenciaga
5. Rubchinskiy believes that his mission is to tell the world of the stories of the new Russian youth, and break out of the stereotypes and negative prevailing attitudes that the world has of Russia
6. Although Rubchinskiy is frustrated by the lack of energy in Russia’s fashion scene, it is the energy of Moscow’s culture that inspires him and serves as the most influential anchor in his designs
7. He says his work speaks "an international language"
9. After Dover Street Market and Comme des Garçons President Adrian Joffe met Gosha in Moscow, Joffe offered financial and asset assistance to aid him in producing and selling his work outside of just Moscow
9 Things We Learned About Gosha Rubchinskiy From His First Video Interview