Illegal Civilization Announces New High-End Line

Mikey Alfred expands his skate empire.

November 02, 2015

Since their launch, Los Angeles' own Illegal Civilization has been a brand synonymous with LA's skate scene and the Odd Future crew—until now. Head of Illegal Civ, Mikey Alfred, announced that the brand will be splitting in order to cater to wider audiences, as well as the brand's diffuse interests. Less of a split, more of an expansion, Illegal Civ's new move will divide the brand into two lines: Winner's Club, and Skate Team. Winner's Club will be the new line—a finer, higher fashion venture that Mikey describes as "upper echelon cut and sew clothes the ones you only bring out for special occasions." Skate Team will be reminiscent of the original Illegal Civ apparel, aka "shit that you can get ignorant in," and will include an array of decks, tees, hats, and other skate gear. The first collections from the newborn lines are set to drop on December 7th, and the only preview of the gear come courtesy of illustrations by Ryder Mclaughlin and a gram of the brand's first cap and skate deck. Shout out to Young Mikey for proving to the youth that high fashion and skate are not exclusive entities. Read the full announcement on Illegal Civ's website, and keep posted to the brand's Instagram for future announcements.



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Illegal Civilization Announces New High-End Line