WSTRN Recruits Wretch 32, Chip and Geko For “IN2” Remix

A breezy cross-genre romp.

November 02, 2015

The "IN2" remix stakes a claim to multiple traditions: the simple bluesy guitar line and the Donell Jones reference nod to '90s R&B, while the hook channels the light, slippery cadence of dancehall. The verses are rapped, and the rhythmic shouts popular in the American top 40 float through the background.


The original track was made by WSTRN, the group containing Akelle, Haile, and Louis. Akelle explains, "'In2' came about from one evening session earlier this year. We just all jammed together vocally and as artists so we knew this was something out of the ordinary. It was about remaining authentic and true to our roots but creating a fresh new sound." When it came time to put together the remix, the trio doubled its numbers by adding Wretch 32, Chip and Geko. Rashid Kasiyre and Morgan Keyz directed the clip; watch above.

WSTRN Recruits Wretch 32, Chip and Geko For “IN2” Remix