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London Duo Kaleida Get Dark With Synth Ballad “Detune”

Their Nordic pop influences get put through a depressing filter.

November 03, 2015

Kaleida—aka vocalist Christina Wood and keyboardist/producer Cicely Goulder—originally bonded over a shared love of Nordic pop, despite their dislocation from the scene in London. So it's no surprise that their sound retains all the melodic inclination of those pop songs, but drains it through the grey skies of the U.K. capital: in particular, latest single "Detune" is muted and smouldering in a way that lingers on your mind like rain on the windows. "'Detune' is about that feeling when everything is slowing down, unwinding, falling out," Kaleida explained to The FADER over email. "[When] you're pushing hard, but everything is detuning. We've probably gone a bit darker with our next EP, but it's been good to explore that and go with whatever we've been feeling over this time." Look out for their second EP—a follow-up to this year's Think—due in 2016.

London Duo Kaleida Get Dark With Synth Ballad “Detune”