W.C. Lindsay Gets Moody With New Single, “Just Another”

The Philly dance punk band slows it down for a downcast duet with Lucy Stone.

November 03, 2015

It would seem W.C. Lindsay, a dance fixture in the Philly basement punk scene, is facing an impending identity crisis, as they describe their sound in dualities such as "chill/rage," "hip hop/punk." As the second part of a three single roll out, W.C. Lindsay premieres an uncharacteristically downtempo track, "Just Another," featuring vocals from singer Lucy Stone.

"Just Another" showcases the band's various influences as they layer pop-punk vocals and sentimentality overtop a moody and sparse electronic instrumental. They take the odd juxtapositions even further, following the bittersweet duet between Stone and frontman Will Lindsay with an emotionally charged white-boy rap. For those who grew up on the melodrama of the emo scene but graduated to the atmospheric aesthetics of electronic dream pop, "Just Another" will likely strike a chord.


"'Just Another' represents a new speed for us—It's a departure from our normal nostalgia," Lindsay told The FADER over email. "I wanted to make the lyrics more conversational, and my best friend Lucy Stone laid down some beautiful vocal takes that really bring that element to life. I love getting a second voice on tracks, and we haven't had the chance to do that since 'Little Ghost.' Our parts interact and create a vibe you couldn't achieve with one voice."

W.C. Lindsay Gets Moody With New Single, “Just Another”