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Controversy Over Underage Models Finally Gets Federal Attention

It’s about time.

November 04, 2015

The fashion industry has always been scrutinized (and rightfully so) for their use of underage models. Only recently we've seen Lily-Rose Depp (age 16) become Chanel's new it-girl and Sofia Mechetner age 14 model for Dior. Underage models historically have frequently been made victims of exploitation by designers, modeling agencies, and photographers within the fashion world. However, thanks to the dedication of lawyer and House of Representatives member, Grace Meng, the United States is in the process of passing the new Child Performers Protection Act of 2015. The new federal bill plans to protect and extend safety and legal practices to underage employees (specifically models) in their respective workplace across all 50 states. The bill plans to create specific criteria for which underage models are allowed to work under; including working hours, salaries, and sexual harassment protection. Although the bill has not yet reached the voting stage, Meng is optimistic about the bill passing, stating that, "when you bring it to people’s attention, they are very concerned”. Read the whole story over at the New York Times now.

Controversy Over Underage Models Finally Gets Federal Attention