Capture The Vibe With Joey Purp’s “Morgan Freeman”

Purp channels his inner DJ Khaled.

November 04, 2015

On "Morgan Freeman," SAVEMONEY's Joey Purp moves between two modes of rapping. First he is abrupt and forceful, slamming sylllable after syllable into the beat. Then he switches into a style that is fluid but hoarse, spewing out words in incredulous strings. Ikaz provides a simple beat that morphs slowly to match Purp's increased intensity.

According to the rapper, the chorus of "Morgan Freeman" came first. "We were just turnt up in the studio and I wanted to make something fun," he tells FADER via email. "I initially wrote the hook then added everything else. It just fit the vibe of where I was at the moment. I'm all about capturing moments and vibes. Like DJ Khaled."


Listen below.

Capture The Vibe With Joey Purp’s “Morgan Freeman”