Roll Through London With Mags And Her Squad

The bold 23-year-old pop singer wants to introduce you to her “Neighbourhood.”

November 04, 2015

Mags knows how to introduce herself: with a brash, metallic drum hit, in-your-face imagery about breaking free, and a serious squad clad entirely in white. All that's in just the opening frames of her debut video "Neighbourhood," which sees the Sierra Leone-born, east-London based 23-year-old sing all I wanna doooo/ is make it out this neighbourhood while cruising through the car parks and tower blocks of the capital.


"'Neighbourhood' can be taken literally, but to me it's about escape and the longing for growth," Mags cryptically told The FADER over email. "At some point in everyone's lives there's a situation that you really don't want to be part of. It's not easy to get up and leave or break a bad habit. You have to do it for you though—you have to want to leave really bad, and that's actually what I'm going through right now." Watch the video above and get the track as a free download at her website if you're feeling it.

Roll Through London With Mags And Her Squad