Watch Michael Christmas’ “Look Up/Save The Day” Video

“One of the most important songs I’ve written in some time.”

November 04, 2015

Michael Christmas recently released What A Weird Day, an 18-track project featuring Mac Miller, the Social Experiment's Nate Fox, and D.R.A.M. Today the Boston rapper returned with the video for "Look Up/Save The Day." "A lot of people in [Boston] don't believe I'm really from here," the MC told Complex. "I wanted to make a song that talks about my experiences living in Roxbury that would apply to any kid who lives in a bad neighborhood but never really adopted the lifestyle of a bad neighborhood."


The song/visual split into two parts. "The first half is sort of a cry for help," he explained, while "the second half is me becoming the hero I wanted to see in the first half. 'It ain't no stars in the hood' means just that, but also that being from Boston, we haven't had a star or a superhero we could emulate and try to be like in order for us to make our escape, and that's why I wrote this song. I want to be that person for my city."

Christmas talked more about the inspiration for "Look Up/Save The Day" on Twitter, calling it "one of the more important songs I've written in some time." "I want to be the first to say that Boston will have multiple stars when it's all said and done," he added. "I made look up hoping to inspire that."

Watch above, and read the MC's GEN F profile.

Watch Michael Christmas’ “Look Up/Save The Day” Video