Lose Yourself In Airbird & Napolian’s New Album Of “Adventure-Techno”

Stream the electronic duo’s long-time-coming Mr Foolish LP.

November 09, 2015

If you don't already know: Airbird is the latest moniker used by digital songwriter and Driftless labelhead Joel Ford, and Napolian is the alias of Software-signed electronic artist Ian Evans. The pair's new collaborative release, out this Friday on Cascine, is a full-length collection of blissed-out tracks that took three years and a bunch of coast-to-coast travel to complete. The end result is a nice blend of propulsive percussion and funky bargain-bin samples, all neurotically mixed and mangled into murky dancefloor jams. It could certainly be played in the club, but it's not explicitly dance music.

"Ian and I don't put too much thought into genre when we make music," Ford told The FADER in an email. "We really fucked around on tracks like 'Go To The Sun.' It started with a Def Leppard sample that we flipped. [Then] I got super stoned and sang into a mini Kaossilator through a shitty mixer in our friend's bedroom studio. We made a wild adventure-techno track with a soaring melody and many layers / zones." To be honest, "adventure-techno" is a pretty good descriptor for the whole record, which is called Mr. Foolish and is streaming in full below.

Stream Airbird & Napolian's Mr. Foolish
Lose Yourself In Airbird & Napolian’s New Album Of “Adventure-Techno”