NON Records Plans New Compilation

Due out November 20.

November 10, 2015

Earlier this year, NON records described its mission to FADER. "In no uncertain terms, the Intent of NON is to run counter to current Western hyper-capitalist modes of representation and function, exorcising the language of domination through the United Resistance of policed and exotified colored bodies." "NON uses sound as a weapon to destabilize and deterritorialize our audience," the label added, "and through this process of sonic reclamation and reterritorialization, we redirect the listeners' attention to our message."

NON is releasing a new compilation later this month. Chino Amobi, who records for the label, shared more information about the release on Twitter. "[F]eaturing the work of NON CITIZENS from the following prefects: SOUTH AFRICA, UNITED KINGDOMW, ZIMBABWE, EGYPT, UNITES STATES," Amobi wrote. "NON supports its citizens of THE UNITED RESISTANCE Your Diligent Work towards the proliferation of PAN AFRICAN IDEOLOGICAL AS WELL AS ECONOMIC UNITY makes us proud."

Look for the NON Worldwide Compilation November 20, and find out more about NON here.

NON Records Plans New Compilation