Via App’s New Single “Baby K Interaction” Will Tickle Your Brain

1080p will release the Brooklyn producer’s 7 Headed “P/12" on November 17th.

November 10, 2015

In the second half of this year, Bushwick's Bossa Nova club started playing host to an almost-monthly party called Purple Trax. As the name suggests, the night veers away from the wholly monochrome techno you might expect—I've heard jungle, hip-hop, and Eurodance snake their way through a dozen different shades of house and techno, a musical non-policy that keeps the vibe on its toes. At last month's edition, Dylan Scheer, aka NYC-based producer Via App, performed a live set amidst a sea of smoke, setting off flickers of intriguing melody that led the way through building block tones. There were a lot of smiles to be spied amidst the dancing bodies.

"Baby K Interaction," from her forthcoming 7 Headed EP/12", has a similarly brain-tickling quality. The track "is meant to evoke an interaction with the unknown—a noir, under-the-bleachers scenario," Scheer told The FADER. "I wanted to make a club-dwelling track with an unlockable, secret narrative." There's enough suspense, for sure, to prompt repeat listens. 1080p will release Via App's 7 Headed EP/12" on November 17th (pre-order it here).

Via App’s New Single “Baby K Interaction” Will Tickle Your Brain