Marlon Williams Goes Naked Cowboy For “Hello Miss Lonesome”

It’s a cross between a Sia video and a bar fight.

November 11, 2015

It takes just three notes before Marlon Williams’ new song “Hello Miss Lonesome” hits full-speed, and the 24-year-old country/blues singer from New Zealand is amped up to toss some glasses off an old Western bar table and smash an avenging pool cue. At least that's how it sounds, to me. In the video, three notes also happens to be how long it takes before Williams starts getting his ass kicked—this is not a fight he’ll easily win.


“I have never felt so sore as the day after the shoot,” Williams told The FADER. “It took a while to recover from being thrown around like that. I really enjoyed that physicality, though.” As solid as the song is, it’s worth tipping the hat to his bold performance chops, too, and direction by Damien Shatford. About his very real undressing, Williams added, “The nudity is incidental I think, and I like that it plays into the naturalness of the theatre. I'm being stripped down by these characters—these different parts of my psyche—and being left alone by myself.”

Marlon Williams’ self-titled debut solo album comes out February 19, 2016 on Dead Oceans. Preorder physical copies here, and on iTunes here.

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Marlon Williams Goes Naked Cowboy For “Hello Miss Lonesome”