Acre Tarn Showcases Her Expansive 80’s Voice In “Lanterns”

The English singer/producer takes notes from Kate Bush.

November 12, 2015

Acre Tarn is the electronic project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer and producer originally from the Lake District in England. Taking vocal and aesthetic notes from '80s experimental rock artists like Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins, Etherington lays her expansive voice on top of updated production that still maintains that dreamy new-wave feel.

In her new single "Lanterns" premiering below, Etherington builds an entire sonic landscape of crisp, bubbly bells, crunchy synth pads, and splashy snares while her airy vocals float somewhere in the ether above it all. Even as the groove and speed of the track shifts throughout, Etherington's flair for drama and suspense only builds.


"Lanterns is a story about a lonely traveller walking through a stark ocean landscape, capturing moments and gathering inspiration from people along the way," Etherington told The FADER via email. "Through the arduous road we all walk along, we take courage and hope from the beauty around us."

Acre Tarn Showcases Her Expansive 80’s Voice In “Lanterns”