Alizzz Pushes Forward With His Bright Your Love EP

Available November 13 via Moving Castle.

November 12, 2015

If you're a SoundCloud head, you've likely heard of Alizzz. The Spanish producer has had tremendous success through releases on prominent electronic labels such as Fool's Gold and Mad Decent, and now presents his latest Your Love EP via internet collective-turned-label Moving Castle. The title-track is an enormous pop tune featuring British singer Max Marshall, full of precise vocal chops and heavy synth stabs. The second song "Basic Complexity" – my personal favorite – does exactly what it says on the box, interspersing a classic-sounding piano house progression with glitchy moments and sonics reminiscent of artists like Anamanaguchi and SOPHIE.

“My goal was to produce mainstream hits going through my odd personal filter, keeping a future-oriented perspective and, of course, never forgetting my trademark epic vibe," Alizzz told The FADER via email. "I was very concerned about only using new sounds so the tracks had a refreshing feel to them. I don't want to stick on a genre or sound, I want to keep evolving forever.” The Your Love EP drops tomorrow, and you can preorder here.

Alizzz Pushes Forward With His Bright Your Love EP