Brooklyn Shredders Past Life Premiere “Sever Your Love”

Their debut single positively rips.

November 17, 2015

Brooklyn foursome Past Life are kicking down the door with their debut single, "Sever Your Love," off their debut EP1—this song positively rips.

"Sever Your Love" is about "self-medicating after a whack breakup, about the exhaustion of being connected to something after it’s dead or trying to disconnect from someone when it's over, but you're still in love? And wanting them to do something to make you turn off," guitarist and singer Kyle Carlson told The FADER via email. Past Life recorded the song "hella long ago in [their] practice space," and are "really stoked people are getting to hear it." Well, I'm really stoked I get to hear this song, and it's really goddam dope to hear a song that shreds so hard about a feeling that is so deep and darkly relatable. And it's catchy as hell; melodic but, like, in a punk rock way. Oh, also Carlson says "P.S. Neil Young if you're reading this please return our calls."


Past Life's EP1 is out February 5th on Broken Circles, which you can pre-order on cassette or digital here.

Brooklyn Shredders Past Life Premiere “Sever Your Love”