Night Gestalt Want You To Drift “Into Space” In Their Latest Video

Olle Cornéer’s forthcoming concept album, ONE, is an 8-hour journey’that's all about arpeggios, outer space, and the Apocalypse.

November 18, 2015

Swedish electronic music producer Olle Cornéer, of Dada Life fame, has a seriously ambitious side project on his hands. Produced under the moniker Night Gestalt, ONE is a concept album that tells the story of an eponymous spacecraft that has been tasked with colonizing a distant planet in order to allow humanity to survive. Of course, things don't go quite according to plan—spoiler alert: chaos ensues.


Within the album's narrative, "Into Space" marks the beginning of the ONE's drift into the cosmic abyss, with no engine power or discernible direction. The track conveys this sense of hopelessness by doing away with electronic music's livelier elements and sounds, doing away with drums and bass. Instead, the song's sound is built around the arpeggio.

As Cornéer told The FADER: "I remember deleting and deleting and deleting until I only had the arpeggio and the voice left, and I sat back and listened in headphones and it just felt right." This restraint yields a sound that is at turns quiet and foreboding; one that marvels at the depth and breadth of space, both in the cosmos and in composition.

The single's video was shot on Earth—Sweden, to be specific. The use of abandoned and decaying spaces—a mental institution, an abandoned mine, and a burned down forest—represent the ruin that sets off the events of the album's story. "Since the whole album is about space, emptiness and leaving everything behind I wanted the videos to look like that too," Cornéer explained, before adding, "without any actual story taking place in space."

Check out the "Into Space" video below and be on the lookout for ONE, out January 15th via Slow Future Vault.

Night Gestalt Want You To Drift “Into Space” In Their Latest Video